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Charging Scheme 2024 Consultation

This page provides the basis for a consultation with the RIPE NCC membership on the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme model that will be used in 2024, and we would like to carry out that consultation well in advance of the RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) May 2023. 


One of the main reasons that we would like to consult with members on the charging model is that we expect many members with multiple LIR accounts who received resources in 2021 to merge these accounts in the coming year. This means that the income the RIPE NCC receives will be reduced by a significant amount and we will need to ensure that our charging model allows us to collect the revenue required to maintain our operations. We believe that a category-based model would be best suited to cover this consolidation risk. Continuing with the existing model would mean that an increase in fees for all members would be required. Our ultimate goal is to arrive at a charging scheme model that will be sustainable for many years to come, meeting the needs of the RIPE NCC’s members.

Overview of Potential Models

To help with discussion and to provide something tangible for members to assess, we are putting forward two draft models for members to review. These models can be summarised as:

Model 1: A “one-LIR, one-fee” model based on the current RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2023  that also charges for independent resources, ASNs, transfers and changes in business structure such as M&As.

Model 2: A category-based model that charges per member (not per LIR account) and is based on resources registered and that also charges for independent resources, ASNs, transfers and changes in business structure such as M&As.

Charging Scheme Calculator

In order to allow members to form an opinion based on their own situation, we are providing an Excel sheet that will allow you to calculate the fees you would pay under each of the draft models. It is important to be aware that at this stage, the numbers assigned for each item are indicative and would be reviewed in light of the discussion with members. We plan to review these figures following consultation with the members, and giving input on those figures would greatly help to arrive at a good model. 

Download Charging Scheme Calculator

Note: If the formulas do not calculate automatically, you may need to enable automatic calculations in Excel. You can do this by:
Windows: File - Options - Formulas - Workbook Calculations - Automatic
Mac: Preferences - Calculations - Calculations options - Automatic

Supporting Information

The two images below provide supporting information that members can use to inform their thinking around the charging scheme model discussion:

Distribution of Total Allocated IPv4 per LIR

Member Spread Across Categories in Model 2

Further Engagement

We also plan to hold another Open House meeting on the Charging Scheme in March to further discuss the charging scheme models. The Executive Board will then take the input and decide on one or more charging schemes for the membership to vote on at the GM to be held on 24 May 2023. The outcome of that vote will determine the charging scheme model to be used in the coming years.

We ask that you provide your input on this important consultation on the Membership Discussion mailing list (members-discuss at by 19 April. Input provided up to this date will be considered by the Board when formulating the charging schemes to be proposed for the GM. Input after this date is of course also welcome although it might not be reflected in the schemes put forward to the membership at the GM.


7 March: Start consultation with membership on RIPE NCC Charging Scheme model

21 March: Open House to discuss charging scheme with membership

24 March: Executive Board meeting to discuss input received so far

12 April: Publication of Draft RIPE NCC Charging Schemes 2024

26 April: Publication of Final RIPE NCC Charging Schemes to be voted on by members

24 May: RIPE NCC General Meeting May 2023