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[opensource-wg] Agenda OpenSource-WG Session RIPE 81

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Martin Winter

2020-10-16 01:02:42 CET

Here is the agenda for the OpenSource WG session at the upcoming RIPE meeting:

Martin Winter & Ondrej Filip
OpenSource WG Chairs

A. Administrative Matters (Working Group Chairs) [5 mins]

finalize agenda

approval of minutes from previous WG meeting(s)

review of action list

Results of WG Chair Re-Election

B. The Life Cycle of the RIPE NCC RPKI Validator [10min]
(Nathalie Trenaman, RIPE)

In this presentation we will provide an update on the current state
and the future of the RIPE NCC RPKI Validator, including important
time lines.

C. The birdist cookbook
(Alexander Zubkov, Qrator Labs CZ s.r.o.)

At Qrator Labs we use Bird and BGP as means to organize routing at

& among the points of our anycast network. In this talk I want to
share our experience with Bird, what obstacles you can face using
it, and other interesting things.

D. Lighting Talks

These are short updates on different relevant OpenSource projects.
They should be 5 mins (preferably) with a maximum of 10 mins
(if space allows). No formal submission required ahead of RIPE, but
please send a short message to opensource-wg-chairs _at_ ripe _dot_ net (mailto:opensource-wg-chairs _at_ ripe _dot_ net) by noon
on Tuesday during the RIPE if you want to present an update. Selection
of talks are done on Tuesday afternoon.