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[iot-wg] RIOT Summit: Call for Contributions

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Matthias Wählisch

2019-06-22 19:14:23 CET


  those who don't know: RIOT is a modern open source operating system 
for low-end IoT devices, Initially developed by 
folks from academia, the RIOT community now consists of companies, 
makers, and hobbyist, distributed all around the world. The RIOT 
community meets annually f2f at the RIOT Summit, which will be held this 
year at the Aalto Design Factory, Helsinki, Finland from September 5-6, 

  The RIOT Summit aims for bringing together RIOTers, beginners and 
experts, as well as people interested in the IoT in general and decision 
makers who plan to deploy RIOT in the future. The event combines plenary 
talks, hands-on tutorials, and demos. All details are available at

  The organizers of the RIOT Summit call for any contribution that 
relates to RIOT and the Internet of Things. If you want to present a 
talk, please consider the Call for Contributions:


The following companies generously support the RIOT Summit 2019:
Cisco, Ericsson, wolfSSL, Zühlke.

  In case of case questions, you can contact me diretly or send an email 
to summit _at_ riot-os _dot_ org.


Matthias Waehlisch
.  Freie Universitaet Berlin, Computer Science