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[db-wg] RIPE Database Quarterly Planning Q1 2023

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Ed Shryane

2022-12-15 13:45:39 CET

RIPE NCC staff member

Dear colleagues,

We have published our quarterly plans for Q1 2023 for the RIPE Database:

In this quarter, we will continue working on the server-side implementation of NWI-12: NRTMv4 and the migration of the RIPE Database documentation to a new interface. 

We hope that by providing these plans, we can better inform the community of the ongoing developments on the RIPE Database and get feedback on our work. 

If you have comments or questions around this, we hope you'll let us know on the list or you can always contact the DB team directly at ripe-dbm _at_ ripe _dot_ net .
Ed Shryane