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[db-wg] NWI-10 "Definition of Country" is Complete

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Ed Shryane

2022-12-02 12:21:48 CET

RIPE NCC staff member

Dear Colleagues,

The RIPE NCC has now completed the implementation of phase 3 of NWI-10: "Definition of Country".

This work included:

* Recording the legal address for all End User organisations with Provider Independent resource(s);

* Populating the legal address country code into end user organisation objects in the RIPE database;

* Updating the country code in the Extended Delegated Stats for all the Provider Independent resources an end user holds to the legal address country code.

* Internal software changes to synchronise changes of legal address country code to the RIPE database and Extended Delegated Stats.

More information about NWI-10 is available here:

Ed Shryane