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Anti-Abuse Working Group


[anti-abuse-wg] Draft Agenda - AA-WG Session @ RIPE 85

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Brian Nisbet

2022-10-11 10:23:08 CET


Here is the draft agenda for our session on Thursday 27th October at 09:00 CEST. There is still some time available in the agenda if you would like to raise a work item, policy discussion or issue to the WG or present on a suitable topic.

A. Administrative Matters

    * Welcome
    * Scribe, Chat, Stenography
    * MeetEcho Mic & Chat Etiquette
    * Ratings Where Appropriate
    * Approve Minutes from RIPE 84
    * Finalise agenda
    * Code of Conduct

B. Update

    * B.1. Recent List Discussion
    * B.2. RIPE NCC Training Webinar

C. Policies -


D. Interactions -

     *D.1. Update from German Anti-Abuse Group "KG Abuse"

E. Presentation -


X. A.O.B.

Z. Agenda for RIPE 86


Co-Chair, RIPE AA-WG

Brian Nisbet (he/him)

Service Operations Manager

HEAnet CLG, Ireland's National Education and Research Network

1st Floor, 5 George's Dock, IFSC, Dublin D01 X8N7, Ireland

+35316609040 brian.nisbet _at_ heanet _dot_ ie

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