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Information for Russian Members

Below you can find more information about relevant regulatory developments to help with your administration and invoice payment.

Keep in mind that you need to choose the right code of transaction (“other transactions on non-commercial operations”) to complete the payment.

Russian VAT Legislation (Federal Law 335-FZ)

We are aware about the amendments to Federal Law 335-FZ with regards to the taxation of electronic services. However, we are not providing electronic services and therefore do not fall within the scope of this regulation.

Learn more on this subject by reading our tax governance white paper.

Redistribution of Excess Contributions 2019

As stated in the Standard Service Agreement (article 7.3), the excess amount shall be returned to the member in proportion to the level of paid fees in the relevant year. This excess amount shall be credited to the Member on the fee of the year following the year that the Clearing House procedure has taken place.

During the RIPE NCC General Meeting held on 16-18 October 2019, members voted to redistribute 50 percent of excess contributions from 2019 to the membership in 2020 (Resolution 1). The redistribution per LIR account will appear on the 2020 invoice when applicable. 

If you have questions about your invoice or payments, please contact the RIPE NCC Billing Department.