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Transitional Credit Arrangement

This support is only available for members that can demonstrate a clear need for it, by meeting the conditions explained below. Members who qualify will pay on a quarterly basis for 2019. This support will be offered for 2019 only.

Apply for credit arrangement

Conditions for support

This support is intended to help members transition to the new billing process. The following conditions must be met in order to receive a credit arrangement.

1. Credit is intended for members with one LIR account.

2. Your company should employ less than 10 persons.

3. We will ask for an explanation of why you require this support and we will want to see your latest financial statement to assess your request - taking into consideration the total annual revenue and value of your company’s assets.

If your company has more than one LIR or more than 10 staff but you nevertheless feel that this change would have a serious impact on your business, we kindly ask you to submit an application so we can consider your needs.

Application schedule

Requests for a transitional credit arrangement for your 2019 invoice should be submitted before 30 March 2019. We will aim to get a reply to all applicants within two weeks of this deadline (14 April).