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Redistribution of 2018 Surplus

At the RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) on October 2018, the GM decided that the excess contribution paid in 2018 would be redistributed to the membership in 2019.

Only members with active LIRs on 31 December will receive a redistribution. If you were merging LIR accounts and your merger was finalised by 31 December 2018 then no redistribution will apply for those LIR accounts that closed in 2018.

The amount to be redistributed for 2018 is EUR 11,002,630 (this figure was adjusted on 18 January from EUR 11,302,630 following final confirmation of the 2018 figures).

Calculation of the Redistribution

The amount of the redistribution applied to each LIR account is based on the annual membership fee paid in 2018. This includes the membership contribution and fees for Independent Internet Number Resources and/or Legacy Internet Resources.  

Sign-up fees and/or re-activation fees are excluded from the calculation.

The redistribution formula is:

     Paid Annual
Membership fee 2018
----------------------  * Redistribution amount 2018
Total annual fees 2018
paid by all members

For 2018, the applicable redistribution formula is:

Paid Annual Membership fee 2018
------------------------------- * EUR 11,002,630
EUR 27,142,388


1. Redistribution for a LIR account that had no PI assignment

  EUR 1,400  
-------------- * EUR 11,002,630 = EUR 567.51
EUR 27,142,388

2. Redistribution for a LIR account with 50 PI assignments

EUR 1,400 + (50 PI*EUR 50) 
--------------------------  * EUR 11,002,630 = EUR 1,580.93
EUR 27,142,388

We will send the annual invoices in mid-February 2019. There, the exact redistribution amount for 2018, when applicable, will be included. The redistribution will not be refunded but will be marked as a discount on your invoice for 2019.

If you believe that the calculation of the redistribution to your account is incorrect, please inform us by 1 March 2019. After this date, the calculation will be final.