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Redistribution of 2017 Surplus

At the RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) in October 2017, the RIPE NCC membership voted to approve a redistribution of the expected fiscal surplus for 2017 via a rebate to members that were active on 31 December 2017. This rebate is included as a discount on the 2018 invoices for all those members.

Only existing members on 31 December will receive a rebate. If you are merging LIR accounts and your merger is finalised by 31 December, then no rebate will apply for those LIR accounts that closed in 2017.

The amount to be redistributed for 2017 was estimated at EUR 6,092,310.

Calculation of the Rebate

The amount of the rebate applied to each member is based on the annual fee paid in 2017. This includes membership service fees and Provider Independent (PI) resource assignment fees.

Sign-up fees and/or re-opening fees are excluded from the calculation.

The redistribution formula is:

      Paid Annual Membership fee 2017     
------------------------------------------  * Redistribution amount 2017
Total annual fees 2017 paid by all members

For 2017, the redistribution formula applicable is:

Paid Annual Membership fee 2017
------------------------------- * EUR 6,092,310
EUR 23,742,825


  EUR 1,400  
-------------- * EUR 6,092,310 = EUR 359.23
EUR 23,742,825
EUR 1,400 + (50 PI*EUR 50) 
--------------------------  * EUR 6,092,310 = EUR 1,000.72
EUR 23,742,825

Mid January 2018, members will receive an account statement of their total fee for 2018. The exact rebate amount for 2017, when applicable, will be included there. The rebate will not be refunded but will be marked as a discount on your invoice for 2018.

The rebate that will appear on your invoice is based on your LIR’s billing scheme. For those LIRs that pay on quarterly schedule, the rebate will be equally distributed among four invoices.

If you believe the calculation of the redistribution to your account is incorrect, please inform us by 1 March 2018. After this date, the calculation will be final.

The invoicing schedule for 2018 is:

Yearly invoices

19 January 2018

Half-Yearly invoices

19 January 2018, 2 July 2018

Quarterly invoices

19 January 2018, 2 April 2018, 2 July 2018, 1 October 2018

*Please note: These dates may alter in the case of bank holidays and/or technical problems.