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Sessions Archive

Attendee Presentations :

QTPv6 and ACOnet PDF | Post Script
Quantum Test Program IPv6 and ACOnet by Wilfried Wöber
FMbone - Multicast transport service in Renater
presented by Bernard Tuy
RADB/IRRd Update
author Merit Network Inc
ARIN Report - ripe-35 presentation
About ARIN
BT 's 6BONE Site
presented by Stuart Prevost
IP Addressing for GPRS Data Network Infrastructure and International Network
presented by Kim Fullbrook
Internet and UMTS
presented by Joseph Huber
European Commission
presented by Gordon Lennox
ICANN Update
presented by Andrew McLaughlin
NHNS   -   Netnews Hierarchies Names System
presented by Daniel Díaz and Juan García

RIPE NCC Staff Presentations :

Routing Information Service Status and Plans
presented by Henk Uijterwaal
Test Traffic Measurements, Turning the project into a Membership Service (PostScript)
presented by Henk Uijterwaal and Daniel Karrenberg
Test Traffic Measurements, Status and Plans (PostScript)
presented by Henk Uijterwaal and Daniel Karrenberg
Registration Services Report
presented by Nurani Nimpuno
PGP for [email protected]
presented by Olaf Kolkman & Maldwyn Morris
Newcomers - Introduction to RIPE
presented by Rob Blokzijl
Newcomers - Introduction to the RIPE NCC
presented by Paul Rendek
presented by Mirjam Kühne
IPv6 Policy Document Review
presented by Mirjam Kühne
RIPE DB re-implementation project
presented by Joao Damas


As well as Plenary Session Minutes, minutes from sessions held at this RIPE Meeting can be found in the RIPE Working Group area of the website.

Webcast Archives

We did not record this RIPE Meeting for transmission online. The first meeting at which this facility became available was RIPE 45.