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RIPE NCC Governance Documents

Athina Fragkouli

An overview of the RIPE NCC's corporate governance documentation project.

DNS Security

Wolfgang Nagele

A progress report on DNSSEC summarising the status of DNSSEC in March 2011, progress in deployment and possible issues to address moving forward.

Internet Governance Update

Chris Buckridge, Paul Rendek, RIPE Cooperation WG Chairs: Maria Häll and Patrik Fältström

An update on RIPE NCC Internet governance activities, RIPE Cooperation Working Group activities and other Internet governance issues.

IPv4 and IPv6

Marco Hogewoning

A status update on IP address distribution in the RIPE NCC service region and around the world.


Alex Band

An overview of Internet resource certification and an update on its deployment in the RIPE NCC service region.