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Presentation Summaries

Matt Parker - RIPE NCC Registration Services - Obtaining and Managing IPs

The RIPE NCC presents the distribution of IPv4 and IPv6 Address Space within the Levant region and explains how organisations can obtain, manage and protect their Internet Number Resources.

Nathalie Kunneke-Trenaman - RIPE NCC Academy: E-learning and Remote Participation

Nathalie Kunneke-Trenaman will talk about the ongoing efforts of the RIPE NCC to engage with Internet stakeholders. With resource limitations often preventing people from attending our face-to-face training courses and events, Nathalie will explain the RIPE NCC's efforts to provide remote participation and online training options.

Dr. Yousif Asfour - IT Transformation and Role of NRENs

IT aims at becoming a strategic partner with the AUB academic and administrative units in order to assist in transforming teaching, research, student life and patient care at the University.  Since IT plays a major role in this transformation, moving to IPv6 is considered as key to provide the services that the University wants from both performance and convenience perspectives. IPv6 will provide more efficient and faster communication, which will facilitate connectivity, collaboration and sharing of knowledge. This presentation will shed a light on the transformation that IT is undergoing and it will highlight the role that IPv6 plays in this transformation and how we can benefit from it.