What You Need to Transfer Resources

To transfer resources (IPv4, IPv6, AS Numbers) you will need to provide us with the following documents: 

  • The resources being transferred
  • The Transfer Agreement signed by both parties. This agreement must be signed by representatives that are legally authorised to sign/act on behalf of the organisation
  • Recent company registration papers from both parties
  • Documentation that proves that the representatives are authorised to sign agreements on behalf of the involved parties (this is usually visible in the company registration papers)
  • The organisations' name and contact details of both parties
  • For Provider Independent resources, we need the following resource object information for the receiving party:
    • org:
    • admin-c:
    • tech-c:
    • mnt-by:
  • Indication whether the transfer is to be permanent or temporary (in the case of a temporary transfer, specify until which date the resources are to be transferred)
  • For transfers of Provider Independent resources to non-RIPE NCC members, include an End User Assignment Agreement signed by the receiving End User and a member of the RIPE NCC

Note: before submitting a transfer request, please review all related inetnum, route and domain objects in the RIPE Database. Objects larger than the address range being transferred will need to be deleted. The transferring member can find these objects by using My Resources (requires authentication) as a starting point. If in doubt, one of our IP Resource Analysts can help you get an overview of the affected RIPE Database objects.

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