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Registry Lock Request Form

Signing the Registry Lock Request Form

The Registry Lock Request Form (“Form”) must accompany requests to apply the registry lock to the resources held by a Member or End User (.docx or .pdf).

The Form must be signed by a company director or other party legally authorised to make such decisions on behalf of the organisation.

Please submit the company registration papers in which the names of the company director(s) are documented. You can attach extracts from the Trade Registry (Chamber of Commerce) to clarify who can represent the company.

If the Form is signed by someone other than the authorised person referenced in the company's registration document, then you must provide documents confirming the powers of the signee (e.g. a Power of Attorney issued by the company's director for the signee).

The RIPE NCC reserves the right to request additional documentation proving the status of the company or that the person signing on behalf of the company is authorised to do so.