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Escalated Evaluation of Internet Number Resource Requests

To ensure that RIPE Policies are applied equally and consistently, since 2007 we have widened the group of people responsible for approving large or rare requests of Internet number resources.

The type and size of the resources being requested determines whether it undergoes this escalated evaluation. Rare or infrequent requests are also evaluated by a wider group of people to gain experience and share knowledge within the RIPE NCC.

All Internet number resource requests that undergo this process are evaluated by at least two IPRAs. Large IPv6 allocation requests are evaluated by a larger team of IPRAs.

The following requests are subject to approval from Registration Services Management, the Policy Development Office, and RIPE NCC Senior Management:

  • All temporary assignment requests (IPv4, IPv6 and ASNs)
  • IPv6 initial allocation requests greater than a /29
  • IPv6 PI assignment requests greater than a /48
  • IPv6 subsequent allocation requests
  • IPv6 End User site assignment greater than a /48 (Does not require Senior Management approval)