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IPv6 For Governments

The RIPE NCC's IPv6 Support for Governments Programme helps governments and related entities to prepare their IPv6 allocation requests and provides information on different aspects of IPv6 planning, as well as clarification on RIPE Policies.

The goal of the programme is to help governments accurately calculate the amount of IPv6 address space they need before submitting allocation requests to the RIPE NCC. Our staff will also provide a clear overview of the information we need to evaluate requests. This can include information about:

  • The number of End Sites
  • The hierarchical and logical structuring of the network
  • Special addressing requirements (e.g. additional levels of hierarchy or security requirements)
  • Documentation of address space needs to justify the requested allocation size

The RIPE NCC periodically contacts governments to ask whether this programme would be of use to them given the current status of their IPv6 deployment plans. The programme is structured around a meeting between our staff and representatives from the participating government, with some contact in advance to gather relevant information.

If you represent a government that is planning to make an IPv6 allocation request, please get in touch with us by emailing [email protected].

You can find further information about this programme on RIPE Labs.