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The Ondernemingsraad (OR) or Works Council

The Works Council is the elected representative board of employees. It has special rights and duties laid down in the Works Councils Act. For instance, it has advisory rights and approval rights depending on the workplace items put forth, in effect making the works council a supervisory board of employees.

The current OR of the RIPE NCC is composed of:

Adonis Stergiopoulos

Adonis Stergiopoulos (Vice-Chair)

Hans Petter Holen

Alena Muravska

Alena Muravska

Fallon Albrecht (Secretary)

Fallon Albrecht

Ivy Agbo

Ivy Agbo

Petrit Hasani

Petrit Hasani

Spencer Payton (Chair)

Spencer Payton

Stephen Suess

If you are holding an event and would like a speaker from the RIPE NCC to attend, please contact us. In most cases, the RIPE NCC will cover all the speaker's costs. All presentations can be tailored to each event's specific requirements.