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Organisational Sustainability

Organisational Sustainability is one of the four strategic pillars of the RIPE NCC. It includes the activities of the HR, Legal, Finance, Information Security and Compliance, and Facilities and Administration teams. Here is an overview of all the activity leads that are included under Organisational Sustainability.
Hans Petter Holen

Hans Petter Holen is the RIPE NCC Managing Director.

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Daniella Coutinho

Daniella Coutinho is Executive assistant to the Managing Director and coordinates activities for the Executive board

Regina Serrão

Regina Serrão is the Facilities, Administration and Reception Manager


Simon-Jan Haytink is the Finance Manager.

Carolien Vos

Carolien Vos is the HR Director. She is responsible for developing and implementing the organisation's human resource strategy so that the organisation attracts, develops and retains the employees it needs to achieve its current and future business objectives.

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Ivo Dijkhuis

Ivo Dijkhuis, Senior Information Security Officer, is the acting lead of Information Security and Compliance.

Athina Fragkouli

Athina Fragkouli is the Chief Legal Officer. She is responsible for our legal and regulatory compliance, including corporate governance matters.

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