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Information Services

We aim to be a neutral source of information. Our information services include research, Internet measurements, data collection and analysis as well as the RIPE NCC's global infrastructures, such as the provision of reverse DNS in the RIPE NCC service region and the operation of the global K-root server cluster.
Kaveh Ranjbar

Hans Petter Holen is the acting Chief Information Officer

Information Services consists of:

  • DNS and K-Root
  • RIPE Atlas
  • RIPEStat
  • RIS
  • IT Security
  • Research
  • IT Support

Email Hans Petter

Paul de Weerd

Paul de Weerd
Global Information Infrastructure Manager

Brian Riddle

Brian Riddle
IT Manager

Robert Kisteleki

Robert Kisteleki
Research and Development Manager

If you are holding an event and would like a speaker from the RIPE NCC to attend, please contact us. In most cases, the RIPE NCC will cover all the speaker's costs. All presentations can be tailored to each event's specific requirements.