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Community and Engagement

Engaging with our membership and the RIPE community has always been a core part of the RIPE NCC’s activities. The Community and Engagement activity pillar includes membership engagement, community development, our training and certification portfolio, public authority engagement, RIPE Labs, maintaining our web presence and the 'Good of the Internet' initiatives.
Hans Petter Holen

Hisham Ibrahim

He is responsible for managing and leading the External Engagement and Community budget and activities.

External Engagement and Community consists of:

  • Community building and member engagement
  • Community learning and development
  • Community coordination and collaboration
  • Research

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Fergal Cunningham

Fergal Cunningham is the Head of Membership Engagement. He is responsible for our internal and external communications, including marketing, public relations and web presence.

  • Membership engagement
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Web Services

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Antony Gollan

Antony Gollan is the Communications Team Manager.

  • Marketing and Communications
Alena Muravska

Alena Muravska is the Programme Management Officer

  • Community Engagement
Gergana Petrova

Gergana Petrova is the Community Development Team Manager

  • Community Development
  • The Good of the Internet Initiatives

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Alvaro Vives

Alvaro Vives is the Learning and Development Team Manager

  • Learning and Development

Alexandra Vos is the Events Organiser

  • Events

If you are holding an event and would like a speaker from the RIPE NCC to attend, please contact us. In most cases, the RIPE NCC will cover all the speaker's costs. All presentations can be tailored to each event's specific requirements.