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Chief Registry Officer

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 The RIPE NCC is hiring a Chief Registry Officer to lead the strategic direction and development of its core registry function. We are looking for someone with vision who can drive the Registry’s development and inspire a team of over 40 skilled professionals. You will be responsible for overseeing activities that are crucial for the success of the organisation and for maintaining its position at the heart of the Internet.

 Reporting to the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, you will lead our international and experienced Registry area in a unique, not-for-profit organisation that has a significant impact on the Internet. As Chief Registry Officer, you will be accountable for the strategic and tactical leadership of the Registry, which consists of the Registration Services team, the Member Services team and the team responsible for Registry Monitoring.

 If you have a strong affinity with Internet Number Resources and want to play a significant role in the development of the Internet, and you have strong interpersonal and communication skills as well as experience in leading a large organizational area, then you are the candidate we are looking for!


Chief Registry Officer

From our office at Amsterdam Central Station

37.5 hours per week


The purpose of this role is to drive and implement the Registry strategy. You will oversee the Registry operations to ensure an up-to-date and accurate registration of unique Internet Number Resources for RIPE NCC’s service region. Also, you will direct Regional Internet Registry (RIR) initiatives and you actively collaborate with the other RIRs. Due to the prominence of this role and its importance to the organisation, we also expect that you will be able to convincingly deliver the RIPE NCC’s vision to members, community and other audiences.

As Chief Registry Officer you will be responsible for leading and coaching an organisational area with more than 40 professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Your direct reports will be three department leads, each managing their own team. Your role is to lead and coach the people reporting to you and help them grow and be successful in their job. As an experienced leader you know how to engage and inspire the team, lead them through change processes and facilitate self-management within the policies and procedures. You are an important player in stakeholder management, in particular regarding the Internet community and RIPE NCC members and decisions affecting the Registry and the impact it has on them.

In this role you will also:

  • Drive forward and execute the RIPE NCC’s strategy and objectives. Collaborate with other leaders to embed and communicate the strategic plan and budget. Align the assigned area’s objectives with the organisation’s business strategy.
  • Lead the Registry’s day-to-day business and performance. Identify areas for improvement and initiate actions for the optimisation of service levels and architecture.
  • Advise and support the Managing Director/CEO and RIPE NCC Executive Board on information and communication matters related to developments in the Registry. You manage the different stakeholder expectations and ensure stakeholder input is addressed.
  • Act as an advising partner to the Executive Management Team regarding topics affecting the organisation.
  • Ensure compliance with existing policies and procedures in line with EU legislation.
  • Ensure definition and delivery of a portfolio of programs, projects and/or ongoing services that support the RIPE NCC strategy and objectives.
  • Manage and control the financial resources used in the provision of services and ensure compliance with all governance, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • ​​In collaboration with other RIPE NCC departments, liaise with the Regional Internet Registries.
  • Represent the organisation’s membership engagement and outreach activities to the RIPE community, including presenting Registry updates to our membership.
  • Govern and oversee the innovation processes that support the membership and broader Internet community.
  • Be responsible for people and the performance management of direct reports and indirect reports. Ensure the overall resource management of the Registry and decide on hiring employees, consultants and contractors.


What we expect from you:

  • Ten years’ experience in a leading role in a complex, multicultural environment.
  • Strategic management, vision, and the ability to create objectives, processes and planning.
  • Innovative mindset and ability to inspire others.
  • Ability to develop, manage and monitor financial plans and forecasts.
  • Ability to prioritise effectively, manage organisational changes, and handle crisis situations
  • Experience with formal audits to ensure compliance with organisational standards for activities, processes, data, products and services in line with EU regulations and legislation.
  • Ability to deal effectively with pressure.
  • Demonstrable experience in a coaching leadership style and HR-related responsibilities.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, project management and influencing skills on all seniority levels.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • Strong interpersonal, relationship-building and networking skills with the ability to handle conflicts effectively.


What you can expect from us:

  • An international, flexible and informal work environment where your expertise and knowledge are valued.
  • An annual salary up to €190.000 (before tax). This includes the standard 8% annual “holiday pay”.
  • Excellent secondary benefits: 5% end year allowance, a non-contributory pension scheme, health insurance coverage for you and your family, annual budgets for transportation, health and technology, and 30 vacation days plus three additional days, extra annual budget for health and transportation purposes. 
  • Partly working from home is possible and we allow employees to work from abroad for a number of days per year as well.
  • A generous training allowance per year which can be used for professional development.

The Team - Registry Area

Our international team of 41 colleagues is responsible for some of the RIPE NCC’s key services: distribution and management of Internet number resources, implementation of community policies, and providing support and knowledge to our members and the wider Internet community.

We are at the forefront of Internet developments. If you have been following the industry closely, you will know that the remaining IPv4 address pool has been exhausted. This means that you will be part of a transition towards managing the lifecycle of IPv4 space rather than the distribution of IPv4, and towards the growth in the IPv6 adoption. You will have a leading part in ensuring that the Internet registry remains as strong and accurate as ever.


About the RIPE NCC

The RIPE NCC is a not-for-profit membership organisation, founded on the belief that the Internet should be governed openly, transparently and in partnership with the wider Internet community. We are one of the oldest Internet organisations in Europe and proud of our legacy.

Our strongest asset is our staff. We bring together more than 175 people from more than 40 countries in our modern, vibrant office in the east wing of Amsterdam Central Station.  Our official working language is English, but more than 30 languages are spoken by our colleagues.  Our backgrounds are diverse, but our goal is the same: we work for the good of the Internet.


How to apply

Hagoort & Partners / Kestria Netherlands is supporting the RIPE NCC in the search and selection of candidates for this procedure. Patrick Westerburger is the contact person.

If you are interested in this position you can address your English resume and motivation letter to [email protected]

A leadership assessment will be part of the recruitment process and a pre-employment screening (done by Validata) will be conducted before the actual start date.

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