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Managing Director RIPE NCC

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Hagoort & Partners / IRC Netherlands is supporting the RIPE NCC in the search and selection of candidates for this procedure. Patrick Westerburger is the contact person.

The RIPE NCC is hiring a Managing Director to lead the organisation. The detailed job description can be found in this PDF.

Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE) was founded in 1989 when a group of IP network operators based in Europe began a series of regular meetings to share experiences and carry out technical coordination work for IP networks. As the community grew and the workload intensified, the RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) was established in April 1992. In January 1998, the RIPE NCC became a legal entity.

The RIPE NCC (165 employees from 40 countries) is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation (20,000+ members, 76 countries). It supports the operation and development of the Internet through technical coordination and operates one of the world’s five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).

The RIPE NCC’s most prominent tasks include:

  • Distributing and registering Internet number resources;
  • Operating the RIPE Database;
  • Operating K-root (one of the world’s 13 root name server clusters);
  • Facilitating and coordinating RIPE community activities, including organising two RIPE Meetingsand various other community events throughout the year;
  • Providing high-quality training services for members and other stakeholders;
  • Developing the RIPE Atlas network and providing high-quality measurement information services;
  • Internet governance activities that include working with governments, regulators, civil society and
    law enforcement agencies to represent the interests of the technical community and RIPE NCC members.

The organisation is based in Amsterdam.

Besides the Amsterdam office the RIPE NCC has an office in Dubai and employees in Moscow. 

The RIPE NCC is an open and transparent organisation with a broad and varied membership. Further, the RIPE NCC coordinates and supports the discussions of the RIPE community, it implements RIPE policies and facilitates the requirements of the community. The twice-yearly RIPE NCC General Meeting is the place where the activities as well as the corporate and financial structures of the organisation are presented by the Executive Board, and discussed and/or voted upon by the membership.  

The Executive Board governs the RIPE NCC and consists of: Chairman - Christian Kaufmann, Treasurer - Remco van Mook, Secretary - Piotr Strzyżewski and members Salam Yamout, Maria Häll, Falk von Bornstaedt and Ondřej Filip.

The Executive Board has delegated operational management and execution to the Managing Director. Currently, the organisation is undergoing a transition from a classical hierarchical model to a purpose-driven, self-organising model.

The position is advertised as a five-year contract and the position is based in Amsterdam.

Main MD Challenges

  • Given the changing landscape, technological developments and community growth, where geo-political
    powers are shifting and IPv4 has run out, there is a need for a Managing Director who can set a
    strong and new strategic course for the RIPE NCC and ensure its successful implementation;
  • The RIPE NCC is undergoing an organisational change that is not fully completed; there is a need
    for sound change management strategy and execution;
  • In establishing a new strategic course for the RIPE NCC and overseeing organisational change,      there is a need to ensure that the company culture of the organisation is enhanced.

Reporting Line

The CEO of the RIPE NCC reports to the Executive Board of the RIPE NCC.

Job Description

The detailed job description can be found in this PDF.

Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Proven leadership experience in Internet policy, technology and community building in a diverse
    global network of networks,
  • The ability to create and execute a longer-term strategic view;
  • Visible affinity for and understanding of the principles and values that are at the core of RIPE; able
    to create trust, apply diplomacy, use different influencing skills, balance different interests, and a strong ability to communicate and cooperate; 
  • Proven track record in being able to act as a catalyst for change and inspirational leadership;
  • The ability to lead an international organisation, consisting of many different nationalities, and applying
    different management styles. Also able to achieve organisational and cultural change in a purpose – driven self-organising form – without classical hierarchical relationships, and able to inspire;
  • Be able to work as part of a team and create team spirit within the direct report team;
  • Strong execution power having business experience in managing a substantial budget and
    understanding of legal and regulatory requirements of the operations of the enterprise;
  • The ability to play a key role in maintaining the RIPE NCC’s position as an authority on unique Internet number
    resources at the heart of the Internet ecosystem.

Previous Experience

  • 10-15 years demonstrated and referenceable history of increasing role, scope,
    complexity, and budget within a public/corporate entity at an international level;
  • 10+ years of strong executional abilities including planning, delegating, programme development
    translating business requirements into actionable plans; sound knowledge of financial principles,
    including solid, hands-on, budget-management skills;
  • 10+ years of direct leadership experience in Internet policy, technology and community building by
    partnering with a range of stakeholders;
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively both internally and externally;
  • Proven record of building consensus, resolving issues, mastering different tools and methods for
    resolving conflict and balancing various interests;
  • Demonstrable track record and results in change management and structural re-organisation
    resulting in culture improvement and efficiency gains;
  • Demonstrated track record in transformational and inspirational leadership;
  • Experience working with an active board.

Personal Attributes

  • Excellent planning, prioritising and organisational skills. Self-managing/motivating with the ability to
    balance competing priorities in a dynamic, global, and rapidly changing environment;
  • Strong understanding of technical terminology and business processes having been involved in a
    technical role in early or mid-level of career;
  • Ability to work effectively remotely and across organisational and geographical boundaries at many
    levels and cultures;
  • Ability to function and generate trust with all actors through operational excellence and respect for
    input in a multi-stakeholder environment;
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills in English and at least one more language;
  • Consensus builder, catalyst, motivator, influencer and negotiator. Able to achieve results in a non-
    hierarchical environment through relationships and credibility;
  • Multicultural, language skills, public speaker;
  • Authentic, with integrity, transparent, energetic, and empowering;
  • Trusted by the members and the Internet community at large;
  • Promoter of diversity in general and gender equality in particular;
  • Continually seeks feedback to learn and develop capabilities that lead to self-assessment,
    improvement and growth.

Hagoort & Partners / IRC Netherlands is supporting the RIPE NCC in the search and selection of candidates for this procedure. Patrick Westerburger is the contact person.

If you are interested in this position you can address your English resume and motivation letter to before 1 January, 2020. 

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