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All presentations delivered by RIPE NCC Staff
What is RIPE?

Abstract:RIPE stands for 'Réseaux IP Européens', or European IP Networks. Started in 1989, RIPE is a forum where Internet Service Providers and others interested in the advancement of the Internet meet to discuss and work on problems common to all. In this session we will present a short history of RIPE, we will describe how RIPE is organised, and discuss some of the current work in progress.

International Management of Internet Resources

Abstract: For the Internet to function properly, a set of resources needs to be managed in a co-ordinated way. These resources include Internet Protocol addresses, Autonomous System Numbers, Domain Name System parameters, and Internet Standards. These resources have been traditionally managed by a number of organisations. In this presentation we will introduce these organisations and the way they are organised. It will be demonstrated that they have all been organised along the same lines: by a bottom up and open process of industry self-regulation.

Archived: RPKI Update

An update on Internet resource certification/RPKI delivered to the RIPE NCC Roundtable Meeting in September 2012.

GDPR Roundtable 2018-final.pdf