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Press Releases

Global Internet Community Comes to Tehran

RIPE NCC meeting will connect network operators in the region to share research, experiences and ideas.

Milestone in Internet History as RIPE NCC Begins Allocating Last Blocks of IPv4 Addresses
Internet Society, Number Resource Organization, and Regional Internet Registries Reinforce Importance of IPv6 Deployment for the Future of the Internet

6 June 2012 – Thousands of companies and millions of websites around the world are permanently deploying the next generation Internet Protocol, IPv6, ensuring the Internet remains open and accessible for the future. World IPv6 Launch, organized by the Internet Society, begins today and is supported by the Number Resource Organization (NRO) and the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) who have long played a vital role in raising awareness about supporting the global deployment of IPv6.

World IPv6 Launch Takes Centre-Stage at Amsterdam’s Science Park

Launch unites industry leaders to mark key milestone in the development of the Internet

IPv6 Roadshow Highlights Issues and Opportunities for Government and Enterprise Network Operators in the Middle East

Successful IPv6 capacity-building initiative by MENOG, the RIPE NCC and APNIC encourages the uptake of IPv6 through hands-on technical workshops

NRO to Lead Key Internet Infrastructure Discussions at 2011 IGF
RIPE NCC’s certification software awarded five-star rating

Minutes from RIPE 23.