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DNS and K-root Quarterly Planning

This page details the work we'll do on DNS and K-root in the coming quarter, how you can give your input on that work and our reaction to that input.

We have three objectives in publishing our quarterly planning:

  1. We want to be transparent about the work we are doing
  2. We want your input on that work and our planning, and we want to document that input, and let you know if and when we can add your suggestions to our planning
  3. We want an open dialogue with members and community on developments around DNS and K-root

We launched this initiative in Q2 2022, and we are open to improving what we publish here and how we do that. So let us know if there are ways we can better present our plans.

We will update this page as our activities progress and continue to share updates on RIPE Labs, on the DNS Working Group (WG) mailing list, and at RIPE Meetings and other events.

Q2 2022 Plans

Last Updated: 31 March 2022

Item Activity Description Status
1 Auth Cluster expansion We are continuously increasing the serving capacity for the AuthDNS setup by adding additional hosted nodes and replacing hardware at existing sites with more capable machines, upgrading connectivity to those sites where applicable. In 2022, we will add a fourth core site to the existing three (Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt).

The work on the expansion benefits our members and the community at large because we can respond faster to their queries and are more resilient to DoS attacks.

We expect the work on the fourth core site to be completed by the end of 2022.

In progress

2 DNSSEC improvements (CSK + TTL for NS/DS)

We are planning some smaller changes to our DNS services. This includes the move to a Combined Signing Key (from separate Zone and Key signing keys), lowering the TTL for NS and DS records for our members’ rDNS and upgrading Zonemaster.

This will offer ease of maintenance and benefits our members as they could make changes to their DNS configurations more easily.

We expect the work to be completed by the end of 2022.

In progress

Community Input on Planning

We want the community to contribute to our plans and suggest additional work items. Please share your comments with us or post them on the RIPE NCC Membership Discussion and DNS WG mailing lists. And we'll be monitoring all the other channels where people talk about these services.

We will be adding your feedback on this page as we progress with our plans.


Reference Input RIPE NCC Reaction
 DK-2022-#01 - -

Archived Quarterly Plans

The Q2 2022 plans will be archived once we publish the Q3 2022 planning.