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Archived Plans

You can find our plans from previous quarters along with requests from the community on this page. We are updating this page at the end of each quarter.

Q4 2021 Plans and Community Input

Item Activity Description

GDPR: ID verification

We have started using a third-party service to improve and standardise the verification of ID documents.

2 Ticketing system improvements

Work continues to Q1 2022.

There were requests from the community to improve some areas of the ticketing system. We are analysing at the moment what is possible and have planned out improvements.

3 Monitoring registry accuracy

Work continues to Q1 2022.

We are proactively monitoring changes in the business structure of our members by leveraging on external data sources (i.e. Altares Dun & Bradstreet).

4 Improve handling of sanctioned organisations

We have re-opened the LIR Portal for sanctioned members with limited functionality. Certain actions are not permitted due to sanctions (resource requests, transfers, etc.).

5 Support for the RIPE Meeting and General Meeting

We supported the RIPE Meeting administration team and helped the General Meeting team with verifying the meeting's voters.

6 Improve our internal systems We have worked on and will continue introducing technical and security improvements to our internal systems, particularly our registry and finance software. This included protecing our systems from the log4j zero day vulnerability.
Community Input
Reference Input RIPE NCC Reaction
BA-2021-#01 Request to add a "view only" user to the LIR Portal that would allow the defined user to see all resources of the specific LIR (including RPKI) but not be able to modify anything. We'll investigate possibilities here and add a reaction when ready. As shared on the mailing list, please share your feedback with us on what you would like to see on the LIR Portal.