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RIPE NCC Supporting TERENA Networking Conference 2013

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The RIPE NCC is proud to be a sponsor of the TERENA Networking Conference 2013 (TNC 2013), which takes place in Maastricht, the Netherlands, from 3-6 June 2013. As well as supporting a major community-driven networking event, TNC 2013 offers an important opportunity for the RIPE NCC to engage with the European research networking community that TERENA serves.

The RIPE NCC and TERENA have a long and intertwined history - the RIPE NCC started life under the umbrella of Réseaux Associés pour la Recherche Européenne (RARE), the organisation that would later become TERENA. Over the years, the two organisations have maintained close ties, with significant overlap between the two communities, as well as the goals and principles of the two organisations.

In recent years, the RIPE NCC has been building on its presence at the TERENA Networking Conferences through sponsorship and by contributing to the conference programme. Held over four days, the TNC boasts a wide-ranging agenda, and the RIPE NCC has used past events to showcase new statistical and analytical projects, inform the community of developments in IP address management, and contribute to discussions of Internet governance issues.

The RIPE NCC's involvement in TNC 2013 will include a presentation on IPv6 developments and an information booth, with the full programme still in development. Further information will be available on the TERENA website.