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RIPE NCC Hosts Law Enforcement Meeting

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On Wednesday, 14 March 2012, the RIPE NCC, working with the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in the UK, organised a meeting for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in London.

The event was organised to coincide with the E-Crime Congress being held in London, which annually attracts LEA representatives from all over the world to discuss Internet crime issues.

More than 80 attendees from 22 countries attended the RIPE NCC event, which included presentations on IP address policy developments in the RIPE NCC and ARIN communities, cross-border law enforcement issues, and the potential for abuse of Internet number resources through activity such as IP address hijacking.

This was the third time that the RIPE NCC has organised such a meeting in parallel to the E-Crime Congress, and it provides an important opportunity for LEAs to learn how they can work with the RIPE NCC and RIPE community, and to gain a better understanding of IP addressing and related issues.

Looking ahead, the attendees proposed the formation of a task force, made up of LEA and RIPE NCC representatives, to look at how law enforcement can use RIPE NCC tools and how those tools could be further developed.