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RIPE NCC General Meeting November 2023

general meeting news

The RIPE NCC membership voted on the following two resolutions:

Resolution 1:
"The General Meeting approves the redistribution of the excess contribution/deficit paid in 2023 by redistributing the RIPE NCC 2023 surplus/deficit to the membership in 2024."

The resolution was approved.

Resolution 2*:

"The General Meeting, in accordance with Article 21 of the Articles of Association, adopts the amendments to the Articles of Association as proposed and announced by the Executive Board on 1 November 2023.

Furthermore, the General Meeting instructs and authorises the Executive Board to perform or to have performed all that is required to have the amendments executed before a Dutch civil law notary."

The resolution was approved.

*There was a typo in resolution 2. The resolution text contained an incorrect reference to Articles 10 and 11.5 which should not have been included. An email was sent to all voters on the morning of 30 November to inform them.

The voting report is available on our website.

All the information relating to the meeting is available from the General Meeting webpages.