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New feature: Comparing certified resources to BGP routing


Dear Colleagues,

The power of the Resource Certification system lies within the fact that you can always be sure that a valid Route Origin Authorisation (ROA), stating which Autonomous System (AS) is authorised to originate a certain prefix, can only be created by the legitimate holder of the address space. In addition, our aim to make the data set as complete and well maintained as possible.

To make it easier for our members using the service to achieve this, we have just released a new feature in the Resource Certification Service that compares the certified resources an LIR holds and the ROAs they have created with the BGP announcements seen by the RIPE NCC Remote Route Collectors. It will display the validation results, and can notify the user of mismatches and potential hijacking attempts.

To learn more about it, please refer to this article on RIPE Labs:

We look forward to hearing about your experiences using the first iteration of this feature, so we can work on refining it.

Kind regards,

Alex Band
Product Manager