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Member Update: February 2024

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1. Registry

LIR Stats

Number of LIRs: 21,576 (+6)

Number of members: 20,110 (-33)

LIRs with IPv6: 15,802 (-54)

IPv4 addresses transferred in January: 1,869,056 (-1,574,016)

LIRs on IPv4 Waiting List: 937

Wait time for IPv4 allocation: 433 days

% of IPv4 address space covered by ROAs: 67%

% of IPv6 address space covered by ROAs: 38%

ARCs completed in January: 202

A BGP Side Effect of RPKI

In a new article on RIPE Labs, Massimiliano Stucchi investigates the propagation of RPKI information in BGP communities.

Vulnerabilities in RPKI Relying Party Software

In a new article on RIPE Labs, Niklas Vogel explains how the team at ATHENE are using a new tool called CURE to test vulnerabilities in RPKI Relying Party Software.

2. Community and Engagement

RIPE 88 Call for Presentations

The call for presentations is open for RIPE 88 until 11 March 2024. The meeting will be hybrid, so both in-person and remote presentations are welcome.

SEE 12 Call for Presentations

The second call for presentations is open for SEE 12, taking place in Athens, Greece, on 22-23 April 2024. Submit your presentations by 1 March 2024.

The RIPE Labs Article Competition

The RIPE Labs Article Competition is open until 23:00 (UTC+1) on 5 April 2024. Enter to win a chance for free tickets, travel and accommodation at RIPE 88.

Policy Update

The Review Phase for Policy Proposal 2023-04 “Add AGGREGATED-BY-LIR status for IPv4 PA assignments” ended on 15 February. The Address Policy Working Group Co-Chairs will determine whether the Working Group has reached consensus.

Learning and Development Update

Our courses for the month of March are open for registration. We will hold webinars on Managing IP Addresses and ASNs and BGP Filtering, as well as in-person courses in Krakow on IPv6 Security, in Copenhagen on LIR Training, Basic IPv6 and the RIPE Database, and in Prague and Yerevan on Advanced IPv6 and BGP Routing Security.

Guidelines on RIPE NCC Staff Engagement with the RIPE Community

Following the publication of ripe-810, “RIPE NCC Staff Participation in the RIPE Community,” we have also published our internal staff guidelines on engagement with the community.

The RIPE Chair Team Reports - February 2024

The RIPE Chair Team’s latest report is out, featuring updates on community activities like working group interim meetings and discussions and industry events such as an IGF Multistakeholder Dialogue.

Getting Involved

RIPE and the RIPE NCC provide many ways for you to follow and get involved in discussions. See what other members are saying about matters important to the Internet in our service region. Sign up today on the platform that suits you best:


Membership Mailing Lists

Community Mailing Lists

Social Media

3. Information Services

RIPE NCC Access Security

We are working on implementing mandatory two-factor authentication for RIPE NCC Access accounts and have already implemented stricter password requirements. We have also intensified our monitoring efforts for leaked RIPE NCC Access account credentials. In the meantime, we urge all members to already begin setting up two-factor authentication on their accounts and to be mindful of their password security.

The Role of IXPs in the Middle East

On RIPE Labs, the RIPE NCC’s Jad El Cham and colleagues have published a report exploring the current state of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in the Arabic-speaking countries of the Middle East and their role in improving connectivity in the region.

The State of Reverse DNS

In a new article on RIPE Labs, Arnold Dechamps looks at the implementation of Reverse DNS and the steps people take to keep it secure.

4. Organisational Update

RIPE NCC Invoice 2024 and Payment Extensions

We have issued member invoices for 2024. We ask all members to follow the process laid out in the RIPE NCC BIlling Procedure 2024. If there are circumstances preventing you from making timely payment, you may request a payment extension, which we will evaluate and grant on a case-by-case basis.

Call for Volunteers for Executive Board Election Code of Conduct Team

The call is open for volunteers from the membership to join the Executive Board Election Code of Conduct Team for the May 2024 General Meeting elections. The task of this team will be to evaluate any reports of violations of the election Code of Conduct by candidates. Interested members should apply by sending a mail to <agm at> by 6 March 2024.

Charging Scheme 2025 Open House

On 20 March at 11:00 UTC+1, we will hold an Open House with members to discuss the upcoming Charging Scheme 2025. The Executive Board would like to get input before proposing a model for members to vote on at the May General Meeting.

Registration is open.

In the meantime, make sure you’re subscribed to Members Discuss where people will talk about the billing proposals from the RIPE NCC.