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Incorrect Use of the RIPE Database


Recently, members of our community have been contacted by a commercial organisation that may have used personal contact details from the public RIPE Database for marketing and advertising purposes.

Users of the RIPE Database are reminded that, according to Article 4.4 in the RIPE Database Terms and Conditions, "Users may not use the RIPE Database or the data contained therein for advertising, direct marketing, marketing research or similar purposes." 

When identified, organisations that are in violation of these terms and conditions are contacted directly by the RIPE NCC and are reminded of the proper use of the RIPE Database. If the abuse continues, the RIPE NCC is within its rights to pursue rigorous legal action.

We wish to thank the members of our community who brought these issues to our attention and we appreciate hearing from others in our community when they believe improper use of the RIPE Database or RIPE NCC services has occurred.