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Draft RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2014

ripe ncc general meeting budget activity plan

The Draft Activity Plan and Budget 2014 is the clearest way that RIPE NCC members can learn about, comment on and ultimately shape the direction that the RIPE NCC will take in the coming year.

This year, the Draft Activity Plan and Budget has new “activity status” categories that show which activities are new, which are expanding and which are scaling back. Where the status of an activity has changed, the document shows when the relevant decision was made, who made the decision and why that decision was made.

By publishing the draft document now, the RIPE NCC membership has four weeks until the October General Meeting (GM) to review and discuss the contents of the document. Further discussion will take place at the GM.

The RIPE NCC encourages its members to read the document and provide feedback on the members-discuss mailing list. The Executive Board will take note of all feedback and discussions regarding the Activity Plan and Budget before publishing a final version in December 2013.