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Annual Statement 2018 / Redistribution of 2017 Surplus

billing news announcement

The annual statement is not an invoice but an informative statement that includes a detailed specification of the fee to be paid in 2018.

The account statement also includes the redistribution of surplus to be paid to members who were active on 31 December 2017. Information on how the redistribution is applied to members' accountsis available.

The invoices are scheduled to be sent to members on 19 January 2018, but members can already view and pay them via the LIR Portal.

Information for Members in Russia

In compliance with the local financial regulations and in line with feedback received from members in the region, the redistribution of the 2017 surplus will NOT appear on the invoice(s) as an individual line item but will be deducted from the service fee.

Invoices will not be available in Russian via the LIR Portal, although Russian versions will be emailed directly to members on 19 January.