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Implementation of RIPE Policy Proposal 2007-01: Phase Three

2007-01 news

Phase Three of the policy implementation "Contractual Requirements for Provider Independent Resource Holders in the RIPE NCC Service Region" (2007-01) is scheduled to begin in mid-January 2011.

During this phase, the RIPE NCC will directly contact holders of independent Internet resources who have not yet signed and provided an agreement with a sponsoring LIR or the RIPE NCC.

In August 2010, we published a draft procedure document for Phase Three of the policy implementation.

The RIPE NCC will publish the final version of the procedure document and information related to the procedure for Phase Three before starting the implementation of the next phase. The start of Phase Three is scheduled for mid-January 2011.

Please note that during Phase Three it is no longer possible to upload the required documentation through the LIR Portal. If you want to provide the RIPE NCC with the agreement(s) you have signed with your customers, please send them by email to [email protected].

Please also use this mailbox if you have any questions related to the procedure.