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RIPE WG Chair Collective - Definition and Tasks

Publication date:
23 Nov 2020
  • João Damas
  • Erik Bais
PDF (129.9 KB)

The RIPE WG Chair Collective is composed of all RIPE WG chairs at a given time. As such, inclusion in the group is an ex officio role for WG chairs.

The roles of the WG chairs as a collective have been defined in various RIPE Documents and webpages based on community agreement. The aim of this document is to collect these references in a single place to clarify the role and responsibilities of the RIPE WG Chair Collective.

There are currently four roles that the collective as a whole is expected to fill. The tasks of individual WG chairs are defined in RIPE Working Group Chair Job Description and Procedures.

RIPE Meetings

The chairs and co-chairs of each RIPE Working Group form a collective that meets regularly at RIPE Meetings and when necessary to discuss issues relating to the meetings. During these meetings, WG chairs coordinate the interaction between RIPE WGs to progress work items. They also facilitate interactions with RIPE NCC staff to continuously improve RIPE Meetings.

Meeting agendas and summaries are available at:


The RIPE Policy Development Process is currently documented in Policy Development Process in RIPE. The RIPE WG Chair collective’s role is defined in section 4. “Appeals Procedure”.


The RIPE WG Chair Collective selects liaisons from within its members, who provide input and coordination to facilitate the work of other groups (for instance, the RIPE Programme Committee and RIPE Task Forces).

The liaison to the RIPE Program Committee is described in the Charter of The RIPE Programme Committee.

Liaisons to RIPE Task Forces can be provided upon request by the relevant task force.

RIPE Chair Selection Process

The current RIPE Chair selection process is described in The RIPE Chair Selection Process. It defines the following roles for the RIPE WG Chair Collective:

  • Continuity: if the RIPE Chair resigns and the Vice Chair is unavailable, initiate the selection procedure and select an ad-interim RIPE Chair
  • Consultation: in exceptional circumstances provide consultation to the RIPE Chair selection process.


This document was written based on Recommendation 12 by the RIPE Accountability Task Force. João Damas and Erik Bais wrote the first draft in September 2020. The WG Chairs agreed on this draft version on 28 September 2020 and the document was sent to the RIPE mailing list for discussion on 2 October 2020 and presented during the RIPE 81 Community Plenary on 30 October 2020. The RIPE Chair declared consensus on 16 November 2020.