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General Information About RIPE And The RIPE NCC

Publication date:
05 May 1992
  • D.Karrenberg
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About RIPE

RIPE (Reseaux IP Europeens) is a collaborative organisation open to all
European Internet service providers. The objective of RIPE is to ensure
the necessary administrative and technical coordination to allow the
operation of a pan-European IP network. RIPE does not operate a network
of its own. RIPE is the IP activity of RARE.

RIPE has been functioning since 1989. Currently more than 60
organisations participate in the work. The result of the RIPE coordi-
nation effort is that the individual end-user is presented on his desk-
top with a uniform IP service irrespective of the particular network his
or her workstation is attached to. Today more than 170.000 comput- ers
throughout Europe are reachable via networks coordinated by RIPE. The
total number of systems reachable worldwide is estimated at more than

About the RIPE NCC

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre supports all those RIPE activities
which cannot be effectively performed by volunteers from the
participating organisations. Besides supporting RIPE activities in
general the NCC provides the following services to network opera- tors:

o network management database containing infor- mation about IP
networks, DNS domains, IP routing policies and contact information

o delegated Internet registry, a clearing house dis- tributing IP
network numbers

o coordinated network statistics gathering

o domain name system (DNS) coordination

o graphical maps of IP networks (planned)

o repository for network operations software

o RIPE document store

o interactive information service

The RIPE NCC currently has 3 permanent staff members. The RARE
association provides the formal framework for the NCC. Funding for the
first year of operation of the NCC is provided by the national members
of RARE and EARN.

To learn more about the RIPE NCC and its services you can consult the
appropriate leaflet, the interactive information server or contact the
NCC by electronic mail, telephone or fax.

RIPE NCC Contact Information

Address: RIPE NCC
Kruislaan 409
NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 592 5065

Fax: +31 20 592 5155

Electronic Mail: [email protected]

RIPE NCC Interactive Information Service

Information about RIPE and RIPE NCC services can also be obtained using
the Interactive Information Service. This menu-driven service allows
browsing through the RIPE document store, reading documents and sending
them by electronic mail. It can be reached by telnetting to host The service is also available via the public X.25
networks at 0204129004331 and via the IXI X.25 network at

Access to the RIPE Document Store

All RIPE documents and Internet RFCs are available via anonymous FTP
from host The same documents are also available via a
"gopher" server at and a "WAIS" server at
Access via "World Wide Web" and OSI- FTAM will be available in the near

Access to the RIPE Database

The RIPE network management database can be accessed via the whois
(RFC 954) server running on host
The database can also be accessed via the RIPE NCC interactive
information service.