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Past RACI Attendees

RACI Presentations at MENOG 19

  • Louis Pétiniaud, Institut Français de Géopolitique and Loqman Salamatian, Géode, France
    Geopolitics of Routing
  • Ahmed Aleroud, Yarmouk University, Jordan Autonomous Network Alerting Systems and Programmable Networks

RACI Presentations at RIPE 77

RACI Presentations at RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Almaty

RACI Presentations at ENOG 15

RACI Presentations at RIPE 76

RACI Presentations at MENOG 18


Earlier Meetings

  • Yurii Kargapolov, State University of Telecommunications, Ukraine
    Administrative Aspects of Internet Blocking | Video
  • Karen Tadevosyan, ANAU/Center of Information Technologies and Innovation Programs, Armenia
    Analysing Financial Sector Data Network and Security