Programme Committee

The programme committee for this meeting is formed by a group of volunteers with a mission to build an interesting, relevant and inspiring programme.

The current programme committee members are:

• Amira Alijagic, RAK, Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Randy Bush, Internet Initiative Japan
• João Damas, ISC, Spain
• Zeljko Draskovic, doMEn - .ME Registry, Montenegro
• Ivana Golub, CARNet, Croatia
• Vesna Manojlovic, RIPE NCC (Program Committee Chair)
• Camilla Meidell, RIPE NCC
• Desiree Miloshevic, Afilias
• Serge Radovcic, Euro-IX, The Netherlands
• Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC
• Berislav Todorovic, UPC, The Netherlands
• Vedran Vucic, president of the Linux Centar Belgrade, Serbia
• Bill Woodcock, Research Director, Packet Clearing House
• Jan Žorž, Go6 Institute Slovenia

You can get in touch with the Programme Committee at pcdub11 _at_ ripe _dot_ net.