Presentations Archive

Presenter Name Presentation Title
Mario Klobučar CIX Croatian Internet eXchange
Sasa Macakanja IPv6 Address space administration
Mirjam Kühne RIPE Labs - Operators Tools, Ideas, Analysis
Agron Fazliu KOSIX Presentation - RIPE NCC Conference Dubrovnik 2011
Alex Le Heux Distributing last IPv4 resources
Alex Le Heux IPv6 Policies and procedures
Saso Dimitrijoski MatrIX
Rok Arzenšek IPv6 capable CPE
Željko Drašković IDN in Montenegro
Simeon Lisec IPv6 project in Telekom Slovenije
Zoran Perovic Serbian Open eXchange
Srdjan Vukovojac IRT & Trusted Introducer
Andreas Sturm Peering Decisions Panel
Emir Beganovic Starting an IXP: Lessons Learnt
Andy Davidson Building an IXP
Daniele Arena IXP Workshop Part I: The IXP Business
Nick Hilliard Introduction to IXP Manager
Matjaž Straus Istenič Running an IXP: Some Guidelines and Examples
Daniele Arena Designing the Albanian Academic Network Infrastructure
Jochem de Ruig RIPE NCC Membership update
Paul Rendek Closing Comments
Paolo Lucente Traffic analysis with NetFlow
Daniel Karrenberg RIPE NCC Internet Measurements
Joao Damas DNSSEC for ISPs workshop
Velimir Švedek IPv6@HR
Jordi Palet Martinez Spanish IPv6 Plan
Matjaž Straus Istenič SIX - Slovenian Internet Exchange (PDF)
Jan Zorz Mobile Broadband and IPv6 in Slovenia
Martin J. Levy IPv6 Experiences - The path from newbie to rock star
Vesna Manojlovic IPv6 Ripeness
Jordi Palet Martinez IPv6 Transition
Jordi Palet Martinez IPv6 Startup
Jordi Palet Martinez IPv6 Tutorial Basics
Jordi Palet Martinez 6DEPLOY Intro
Matjaž Straus Istenič IPv4/IPv6 Transition Mechanisms - LAB: Addressing Plan
Matjaž Straus Istenič (author: Luka Koršič, LTFE) IPv4/IPv6 Transition Mechanisms
Željko Drašković F-root Installation
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