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Opening plenary

Welcome note by Ivana Golub, CARNet

Welcome note by Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC

IPv4 exhaustion / IPv6 transition

Moderator: Nick Hyrka, RIPE NCC

  • Distributing last IPv4 resources - Alex le Heux, RIPE NCC
  • Internet Number Certification Plans, Elise Gerich, IANA
  • RIPE NCC IPv6 policies and procedures, Alex le Heux, RIPE NCC
  • "IPv6 RIPEness", Vesna Manojlovic, RIPE NCC


Moderator: Joao Damas, ISC

  • F-root in .me - Zeljko Draskovic
  • IDN in Montenegro - Zeljko Draskovic
  • Cyrillic script in DNS - Desiree Miloshevic
  • Multistakholder activities related to Delegations of Domain Names, Elise Gerich, IANA


IPv6 Experiences

Moderator: Jan Zorz, Go6

  • IPv6 deployment at CARNet, Sasa Macakanja, CARNet
  • "The path from newbie to rock star", Martin J. Levy, Hurricane Electric
  • Go6 Institute & mobile IPv6 deployment in Slovenia, Jan Zorz, Go6
  • [email protected], HAKOM, Velimir Švedek, Mario Weber, Vesna Brkan
  • IPv6 deployment project at Telekom Slovenije, Simeon Lisec, Telekom Slovenije
  • IPv6-capable CPEs, Rok Arzensk, Iskratel
  • Mobile and IPv6 in Slovenia, Jan Zorz, Go6

IXP Updates

Moderator: Serge Radovcic, EURO-IX

  • CIX Update, Mario Klobucar, Croatia,
  • SIX Update, Matjaz Straus Istenič
  • SOX Update, Zoran Perovic, Serbia
  • KOS-IX Update, Agron Fazliu, Kosovo
  • MatrIX Update, Sasho Dimitrijoski, Macedonia
  • Starting an IXP: Lessons learnt, Emir Beganovic, Bosnia
  • IXP Manager: a provisioning system for IXPs, Nick Hilliard, INEX, IE

Peering decisions panel

Moderator: Andreas Sturm, DE-CIX

  • Andy Davidson, Hurricane Electric
  • Christian Kaufmann, Akamai
  • Elisa Jasinska, Limelight
  • Paul Mandl, Google


Panel: Internet Governance in South-Eastern Europe
Moderator: Desiree Miloshevic

  • Endri Hasa, National Agency of Information Society of Albania
  • Urban Kunc, APEK, Slovenia
  • Jasna Matic, Ministry of Telecommunications of Serbia
  • Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC
  • Davor Šoštarič, MVZT/DID, Slovenia
  • Mario Weber, M.Sc., Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency

RIPE NCC Updates

Moderator: Mirjam Kuehne

  • RIPE NCC membership update, Jochem De Ruig, RIPE NCC
  • RIPE Labs update, Mirjam Kuehne, RIPE NCC
  • Measurements Tools: RIPE Atlas, RIPEstat, Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE NCC

Closing plenary

  • Traffic analysis with netflow, Paolo Lucente,
  • Designing the new Albanian NREN Infrastructure, Daniele Arena, CASPUR
  • IRT & Trusted Introducer, Srdjan Vukovojac, CARNet
  • Closing Address by Paul Rendek