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[ripe-list] Fwd: [Mten-workshop-pc] [arch-d] Call for Papers: IAB workshop on Management Techniques in Encrypted Networks (M-TEN)

Mirja Kuehlewind

2022-08-09 18:27:20 CET

Dear RIPE community,

The IAB is organising a workshop on Management Techniques in Encrypted Networks (M-TEN) which might be of interest for you!

Please consider submitting a contribution! Find the details below and on the IAB webpage!


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> Subject: [arch-d] Call for Papers: IAB workshop on Management Techniques in Encrypted Networks (M-TEN)
> Date: 9. July 2022 at 00:15:11 CEST
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> IAB workshop on Management Techniques in Encrypted Networks (M-TEN)
> Web page: 
> User privacy and security are constantly being improved by increasingly 
> strong and more widely deployed encryption. This workshop aims to 
> discuss ways to improve network management techniques in support of even 
> broader adoption of encryption on the Internet. 
> Network management techniques need to evolve to work effectively and 
> reliably in the presence of ubiquitous traffic encryption and support 
> techniques that enhance user privacy. In an all-encrypted network, it is 
> not viable to rely on unencrypted metadata for network monitoring and 
> security functions, troubleshooting devices, and passive traffic 
> measurements. New approaches are needed to track network behaviors, 
> e.g., by directly cooperating with endpoints and applications, 
> increasing use of in-band telemetry, increasing use of active 
> measurement approaches, and privacy-preserving inference techniques.
> The aim of this workshop is to provide a platform to explore the 
> interaction between network management and traffic encryption and 
> initiate new work on collaborative approaches that promote security and 
> user privacy while supporting operational requirements. As such the 
> workshop aims to address the following questions: 
> • What are actionable network management requirements?
> • Who is willing to work on collaborative solutions?
> • What are the starting points for collaborative solutions?
> The following topics are considered in-scope; however, this list is non-
> exhaustive:
> • Actionable requirements for network management, including: 
>   - Troubleshooting needs
>   - Metrics for network performance measurements
>   - Requirements for security functions
> • Proposals or reports on improvements to network management
>   - Ways to support evolving, encrypted traffic better
>   - Measurement techniques for encrypted traffic
>   - New privacy-preserving active measurement methods
>   - Direct communication with endpoints or applications
>   - Secure and privacy-preserving data collection, storage, and sharing
>   - Adoption of encryption for the management functions themselves
> Interested participants are invited to submit position papers on the 
> workshop topics; it may take the form of an Internet-Draft. Paper size 
> is not limited, but brevity is encouraged. Interested participants who 
> have published relevant academic papers may submit these as a position 
> paper, optionally with a short abstract explaining their interest and 
> the paper’s relevance to the workshop. The workshop itself will be 
> focused on discussions based on the position paper topics received.
> All inputs submitted and considered relevant will be published on the 
> workshop website. The organizers will issue invitations based on the 
> submissions received. Sessions will be organized according to content, 
> and not every accepted submission or invited attendee will have an 
> opportunity to present; the intent is to foster an active discussion and 
> not simply to have a sequence of presentations. A workshop report 
> covering all submissions and the workshop discussion will be published 
> afterwards.
> The workshop will be by invitation only. Those wishing to attend should 
> submit a position paper to the address above topics and questions. 
> Position papers from those not planning to attend the workshop 
> themselves are also encouraged.
> Please indicate your interest by submitting a research proposal by 
> August 19, 2022 to mten-workshop-pc _at_ iab _dot_ org mten-workshop-pc _at_ iab _dot_ org>
> The Program Committee members are Wes Hardaker (IAB, USC/ISI), Mallory 
> Knodel (IAB, Center for Democracy and Technology), Mirja Kühlewind (IAB, 
> Ericsson), Tommy Pauly (IAB, Apple), Russ White (IAB, Juniper), Qin Wu 
> (IAB, Huawei).
> Feel free to contact the program committee with any further questions: 
> mten-workshop-pc _at_ iab _dot_ org mten-workshop-pc _at_ iab _dot_ org>
> This workshop will be held remotely during the week of Oct 17-21, 2022, 
> likely supporting three 2-3h sessions spread over the week based on 
> submissions and the availability of the invited participants. 
> Additionally, an in-person wrap-up or dissemination session may be 
> organized in co-location with RIPE85 (Belgrade, Serbia) on Monday Oct 24 
> if there is sufficient interest by the participants. Please indicate 
> with your submission if you are interested in this option.
> Logistics
> • Submissions Due: Aug 19, 2022
> • Invitations Issued by: Sep 2, 2022
> • Workshop Date: Oct 17-21, 2022, optionally Oct 24
> • Location: Online, optionally one day Belgrade, Serbia
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