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[atlas] RIPE Atlas Remote Learning session in September 2020

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Lia Hestina

2020-08-31 14:54:15 CET

RIPE NCC staff member

Dear all,

The RIPE NCC will organise a remote learning session for RIPE Atlas. 

Monitor your network and troubleshoot it with RIPE Atlas. Create specific tailor-made measurements that suit your exact needs using API calls or the command line interface.

After this session, you will be able to:

Monitor your network using RIPE Atlas measurements
Troubleshoot your network using measurements from RIPE Atlas
Use the RIPE Atlas command line interface and the API to create tailor-made measurements

Basic knowledge of networks
How the Internet works
Basic knowledge of IP, ASN, domains
Familiarity with pings and traceroutes
Thursday, 17 September 2020, Timezone in UTC 08:00-10:00  

RIPE NCC member, register here: 
For non members please send an email with your name and email address to training _at_ ripe _dot_ net training _at_ ripe _dot_ net> 
If you have any question about the event, please send email to training _at_ ripe _dot_ net 

Kind regards,
RIPE Atlas team