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[iot-wg] RIPE81 agenda and virtual meetup on 26 October

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Constanze Dietrich

2020-10-19 18:47:05 CET

Hi everyone!

We've got two announcements regarding the upcoming RIPE meeting!

***** THE AGENDA for the IoT session of RIPE 81 (27 to 30 October) is set!

You can find the full Meeting Plan here:

This time, we have 45 minutes on Thursday, 29 October, between 14:00 and
14:45 CET (UTC+1):

-- Introduction (5 minutes)
-- RIPE NCC IoT Update - MarcoHogewoning (10 minutes)
-- Architectural Considerations for IoT Device Security in the Home: A
guide for ISPs specifying CPE devices - IoT BCOP Task Force (30 minutes)

[Quick reminder to review their work and help them with constructive

***** VIRTUAL MEETUP of the IoT WG (and friends) on Monday, 26 October, 19:00
to 21:00 CET (UTC+1) *****

As having 15 minutes more on hand than last time is certainly no substitute
for coffee and lunch breaks, beerings or other social gatherings, we've
arranged for a virtual get-together on Monday evening before RIPE 81 as a
Zoom meeting.
There's no agenda! We'd like to say hi, get to see and know each other, and
have a few drinks of our choice together at the virtual "hotel bar".

You'll find the link to the Zoom meeting here:

Hope to see you there!
Constanze & Sandoche (IoT WG Chairs)