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How to Update a Delegation in the ENUM ( Domain


To request a new ENUM delegation, please follow the instructions on our website.

Delegations for countries within the zone are controlled by the contents ("nserver:" attributes) of domain objects within the RIPE Database. In order to make changes to delegations you must update these attributes of your object. You should not delete the object.

Updating an existing ENUM Delegation

Step 1: Update the configuration of your DNS servers.

Ensure that the DNS servers are configured and answering correctly for the zone. Some automated checks are done when the change is made to ensure the change of delegation does not break the functionality.

Please see Configure your DNS servers for details.

Step 2: Updating your domain object

Find your domain object using RIPE Database Query and use "Update object" button to edit it.

Using DNSSEC With Your ENUM Delegation.

It is possible to secure your ENUM zone delegation with DNSSEC. 

Please see Requesting DNSSEC Delegations for instructions.