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ENUM is a protocol that is the result of work of the Internet Engineering Task Force's (IETF's) Telephone Number Mapping Working Group. The charter of this working group was to define a Domain Name System (DNS)-based architecture and protocols for mapping a telephone number to a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) which can be used to contact a resource associated with that number.

The RIPE NCC provides DNS operations for zone (ENUM) in accordance with the Instructions from the Internet Architecture Board.

How to Request ENUM Delegation

Please use the ENUM Request Form to request ENUM delegation of an E.164 country code. Submit completed forms by email to [email protected].

  • All submitted requests will be announced to the enum-announce public mailing list.
  • The RIPE NCC will pass all requests for evaluation to the International Telecommunication Union, Telecommunication Standardization Sector, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (ITU-T TSB).
  • Information on how the ITU-T TSB handles ENUM requests can be found on the ENUM Delegations page at the ITU website.
  • The RIPE NCC will only evaluate the technical setup of a request only after ITU-T TSB's approval.

We urge anyone interested in discussing ENUM matters that are not DNS related to contact the ITU-T TSB.

Please send any questions for the RIPE NCC about ENUM to [email protected]