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Show or Hide answer How do I generate glue records for a DOMAIN object?

Here is an example:

descr: Example domain for the reserved prefix +888

In this example, the first two "nserver:" attributes contain one glue IP address. The last two "nserver:" attributes do not need glue, as they are in a different domain –

Show or Hide answer What are the restrictions on using glue for reverse domains?

In addition to the usual restrictions for reverse delegations, the following restrictions apply:

  • The domain delegated needs to be a sub-domain of
  • The name server needs to be within the domain delegated.
  • The IP address needs to be a public IPv4 address.
  • You can only specify one IPv4 glue address for each name server.

We are working towards providing support for IPv6 and multiple addresses for each name server.

Show or Hide answer How will I know what to fix if the DOMAIN object update failed?

The responses from our server will include diagnostic messages. You can get further help by sending an email to

Show or Hide answer How long until an update appears in the DNS?

If you see a message saying that your update was successful, it will be visible in the DNS after around an hour.

Show or Hide answer Which TTL value is used?

We will use the default value for the zone. If you need a specific TTL (Time to Live) value, send an email to