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Quarterly Planning

This page details the work we will do on the RIPE Database in the coming quarter, how you can give your input on that work and our reaction to that input.

We have three objectives in publishing our quarterly planning:

  1. We want to be transparent about the work we are doing
  2. We want your input on that work and our planning, and we want to document that input, and let you know if and when we can add your suggestions to our planning
  3. We want an open dialogue with members and community on developments around the RIPE Database

We launched this initiative in Q4 2021, and we are open to improving what we publish here and how we do that. So let us know if there are ways we can better present our plans.

We will update this page as our activities progress and continue to share updates on RIPE Labs, on the RIPE Database Working Group (WG) mailing list and at RIPE Meetings and other events.

Q3 2022 Plans

Last Updated: 24 June 2022

Item Activity Description Status

Formulating a framework with the community to determine the level of crtiticality of each RIPE NCC service, including the RIPE Database.

We will engage with the community to define requirements and plan on how to proceed concerning potential cloud migration and infrastructure improvements.

In progress

Work continues from Q4 2021.

2 Database documentation We are migrating the RIPE Database documentation to a new interface.

In progress

Community Input on Planning

We want the community to contribute to our plans and suggest additional work items. The Database Working Group (WG) employs a process called Numbered Work Items (NWIs) that allows anyone to suggest work the RIPE NCC should carry out to improve the RIPE Database. A lot of work takes place each quarter to investigate the feasibility of NWIs and plan for their implementation.

We are including an overview of all open NWIs below but for more information, check out this page. When an NWI is agreed and the RIPE NCC will schedule related work, it will be added to our quarterly planning.

Please share your comments with us or post them on the Database Working Group (WG) mailing list. And we will be monitoring all the other channels where people talk about the RIPE Database.

We will be adding your feedback on this page as we progress with our plans.

Reference Input RIPE NCC Reaction
DB-2021-#01 NWI-2: Displaying history for database objects where available

Our legal team is reviewing this request.

We first recorded this request in Q4 2021.

DB-2021-#02 NWI-4: role of status: field in multivalued status context

The RIPE Database team has been requested by the Database WG to prepare an impact analysis of the 'ALLOCATED-ASSIGNED PA' status.

We first recorded this request in Q4 2021.

DB-2021-#03 NWI-13: Geofeed

Implement Geofeed attribute in the RIPE Database. For more information, please read RFC 9092.

Our legal team provided an analysis of "geofeed:" validation at RIPE 84 and we will update the Database WG by email. The RIPE Database team will reply with an impact analysis.

We first recorded this request in Q4 2021.

DB-2021-#04 NWI-12: NRTM v4

Modernise Whois update notifications using NRTM

Proposed Solution Definition to DB-WG, based on draft NRTM v4 proposal by Sasha Romijn.

We first recorded this request in Q4 2021.

Archived Quarterly Plans

You can find our plans from the previous quarters on this page. The Q3 2022 plan will be archived once we publish the Q4 2022 planning.