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Ongoing Activities 2023

Activity Status Action

RIPE NomCom Recommendations 3 and 4

RIPE Documents on the RIPE Nominating Committee and the RIPE Chair Selection Process published 


RIPE NomCom Recommendation 2

RIPE Document on the Principles for Remuneration of the RIPE Chair and Vice-Chair published.


RIPE DNS Resolver BCP Task Force

The final report will be published soon. The mailing list archives are available here.


RIPE Database Requirements Task Force

The work of the task force has been completed. The recommendations made by the task force are being discussed in the relevant Working Groups.


Code of Conduct Process

RIPE Documents outlining the RIPE Code of Conduct: Process and Consequences and the RIPE Code of Conduct Team: Appointment and Responsibilities published.


Code of Conduct Team

The RIPE Code of Conduct team has been established. The call for volunteers remains open.


NRO NC Election Process

The NRO NC Election Process has been published as a RIPE document


RIPE Nomcom Recommendation 1

The RIPE document "RIPE NCC Staff Participation in the RIPE Community" has been published.